Friday, June 19, 2009

John Watson Show

I would ask your prayers for a quiet heart, clear mind, boldness, Biblical Answers, etc. this Monday morning on the John Watson show (WILM 1450 AM 9am)

The discussion will be the Lighthouse protest of Safeway's promotion of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

I want to make clear to you that this battle must not be for the purpose of publicity or self promotion in anyway. It may be tempting to seek attention, but that is not what the purpose is. With as little or as much voice as the Lord gives us, we must declare that homosexuality is an offense and sin against Almighty God. The Bible says in Leviticus that it is an abomination. Romans 1 says it it is vile affection and against nature. I Timothy 1:9-10 says places homosexuality among the worst sins to be realized. Jude 1:7 reminds us of Sodom and Gomorrah and that eternal fire is awaiting homosexuals who will not repent.

All sinners including Tobe Witmer need to repent. I praise the Lord for that day 29 years ago. God will forgive any sinner that will repent and come to Christ.

If we are all sinners, why do we publicly stand against homosexuality? Gay and Lesbianism bears with it special judgment of God. This is a heinous sin that God judged by fire from heaven. This sin attacks the very core of God's picture of Christ and the church in marriage. Do you realize that this is Satan's greater plan? To distort marriage is to distort Ephesians 5 and the beautiful picture that Christ the Groom gave himself for His bride (the saved).

Do you realize that the average lifespan of a homosexual man is somewhere between 43 and a few years older? (this statistic is disputed, but the danger and premature death of homosexuality cannot be denied)

Please pray that this opportunity will be used to the greatest glory for God and for His Christ. May the Lord receive glory and a clear picture of His holy judgment bring fear to repentance for every person listening - gay or straight.

Please consider the Bible that condemns homosexuality is the Bible that our Presidents take their oath upon, endowed us by our Creator with "certain unalienable rights, teaches us "In God We Trust", and is the basis of many of the laws of this great United States. The words of Congressman Forbes of Virginia couldn't be more true.

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