Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fire Starter

Today's morning sermon is called Born To Lead.  I am preaching on the family and this deals with the Purpose and role of the man in life and marriage.

One of the points of scripture about man's leadership is his love for his wife.  Men must take the lead.  I don't only mean physically, but emotionally.  Men are the ones that must work to keep the spark of joy, friendship, communication, and attraction in the marriage.

Concerning this, there is a book out called Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.  I have not totally read the book, so I can't endorse all of the content.  The book deals with ways that people respond to be loved.  It is important to understand what "language" your wife responds to be loved in.  Some respond to gifts, some to talk, some to acts of kindness, etc.  Here are some tips that may help you men as you accept the role to lead as a "Fire Starter":

1.  Talk to your wife - communicate, don't just relay information and make necessary plans.  Build a friendship.

2.  Write random notes to her.  Leave them places.  Make them short and very sweet.

3.  Occasionally, for no reason, buy her flowers.

4.  Show your love for her publicly.  Put your arm around her.  Refer to her affectionately when around people.  Allow her to here that.  Let her know you appreciate and love her publicly. 

5.  Do something that is her responsibility without being asked.  This is not a role reversal, but just showing her that you care and want to help her by cleaning a bathroom or whatever.

6.  Include her into your business.  She isn't with you all the time.  Tell her your interaction with the business world, etc.  Ask her about her interactions through the day.  Be interested in her life, thoughts, etc.

7.  Ask her randomly to tell you stories of her life before you were married.  Ask her to tell you a story from when she was 7 or 11, or 14 yrs. old.  This helps you dwell with her according to knowledge, but also allows you to share fond memories in her soul together.

I pray that this series on the Family will greatly strengthen our homes to be what the Lord desires a home to be.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The sermon this past Sunday morning (Allegiance in the Home) has stirred some positive attention.  The theme of the message was that God alone should have the allegiance of your love, service, obedience, etc. - even over other family members.  I used the examples of Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, many verses from Jesus, and the argument of I Cor. 7:15 to show this

There is another point from I Corinthians 7 that substantiates our allegiance to the Lord over family.  It is the point that Paul makes to encourage to stay "single" if possible at that time Christians .  He argues this in v.7-9, 25-26, 27-28, 32-35 from different angles.

Paul's argument to remain single is based upon two things:  persecution of the time and the ability to wholly dedicate oneself to serving the Lord. 

Here again is proof of allegiance to the Lord supremely.  Paul says in v. 35 to remain single if possible (both from virginity or if you are loosed from your spouse) so that "ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction."  He also makes clear  in this passage that marrying is certainly not sin.  He tells fathers that have virgin daughters in v. 37-38 that if they give them in marriage they do well,  but if they give them to serve the Lord as single women, "they do better."

These things may be hard for you to ingest.  They make the Lord our supreme allegiance, love, and interest even over marriage and family. 

May I ask you Christian, is the Lord your greatest love?  You would say yes - then I would counter your answer by asking is that true in the facts of the decisions you make with your time, thoughts, wallet, effort? 

How you  presently live your life shows what or WHO has your allegiance.  We must never neglect the love or our spouse or family; but we must find the balance of how to love them without jeopardizing the greater love of obedience, lordship, service, time, and worship of Christ.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Disaster Relief

I encourage Christians everywhere to compassionately pray and support relief in Haiti. Haiti has been a place historically where the gospel has had an impact. We can give directly to a Haitian missionary with one of our Fundamental mission boards: IPM. Brother Saul is directly working with the relief effort.

“Lucien Saul Disaster Relief”
International Partnership Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 337
Hanover, PA 17331-0337

Pastor Witmer