Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ministry Photography

I want to thank David Baker for doing some ministry related photography. I needed a Ministry Photo of our family for an upcoming preaching engangement, so I asked David to take some photos on the church property. David would like to consider being a professional photographer. He has been blessed with a professional grade camera and a studio quality portrait printer that his grandfather bought for him. He is available to LBC families for events as well. This is the time to use him, in five years, you won't be able to afford him!

The Haven of Rest

Hello All! Here is a recent email received from the mother of one of our missionaries:

Hi Pastor Witmer,
You probably don't remember me but I'm Missionary Sergio Robles' mother-in-law. I just wanted to take this opportunity to "Thank-You" and your church for the missionary home that you make available to your missionaries and their families while they're in the area. The "Haven of Rest", what a fitting name indeed. My daughter and her family enjoys that home whenever they're in the area. My granddaughter, Kyla Rose, refers to if as the "Gopher House", because last summer while they were staying there, there was a family of gophers that they enjoyed watching. Now whenever she knows they're on their way there she says,
"We're on our way to the "Gopher House" , Grandma!!!! I don't think you know what a blessing it always is to them!!!! They're so looking forward to getting there again next week. We've visited them while they were there and it's a lovely place.
Thank you and your church for being such a blessing to my "special " missionaries, let alone the many others.

Mrs. Kim Pagan

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Calling all LBC Men!

Don't forget: Tonight (Saturday) at 6:30pm is the last summer building prayer meeting for men.

This is NOT a service, but rather a concentrated and extended time to ask the Lord to provide the details and finances of our new building. We usually pray about an hour.

God said "Call unto me, and I will answer thee......."

We take Him at His Word !

Friday, August 21, 2009

Full Heart

My heart is full this morning from God's work among us. It was my pleasure last night to spend time with one of our men who has seen the Lord reach down in grace and work tremendously in his life. Together we drove up to Grace Baptist Church in Bridesburg, Philly. We heard Pastor Jay Muholland preach his midweek service (Thurs.)and our hearts were lifted to courage as he spoke on faith out of Hebrews 11.

He preached that faith moves forward under the leadership of God into blind territory. It trusts that God is leading and trusts Him for the outcome. The Holy Spirit worked in my heart at "walking by faith" means picking up your foot and putting it down into a dark spot that you cannot see. I feel this way sometimes with especially the finances of the building, yet through God's working hand in the life of this man and so many others at LBC, God impresses me to lead forward with a place to expand the ability to help people spiritually.

Two times in the last few months I have been under hard preaching that spoke directly to me that our new building is God's Will. I have come away rejoicing though the spot that we put down our feet is not clear. Who among us is sufficient in himself to give enough to see it done? Yet - that is not the point. God can and will do His will, HIS WAY.

We have before us the harvest field of New Castle County and immediately Elkton on our boarder. There are thousands of souls that are damned for hell, backslidden Christians, hurting believers that need a Lighthouse. God has made my heart full that with humility and exalting only HIM, we must be that Lighthouse.

Can you see them coming? Unsaved and hurt people that need a Word?...if you can't see them coming, you haven't looked around you presently in our services...they are already coming to hear...and there are many, many more on the way...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Showers of Blessing

What a tremendous Lord's Day it was yesterday at LBC! It just seemed like people were "rejoicing in the Lord" (as Dara sang:) and had hearts wide-open to worship and hear from God.

I praise only the Lord for a lady who was greatly burdened and received Christ after the service.

The man who gained assurance of his salvation last week has made arrangements to be baptized as soon as possible. He is thrilled to be under the Word and walking with the Lord.

The Lord was working in many Christian's hearts as well. Amen....Good Stuff.

The "Favorite Hymns Night" was very uplifting and joined us in a great choir of worship to our Lord.

"How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!...."

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pritts

Dear LBC Congregation,

We praise the Lord together with the Pritts that they have finally settled on a house. This is a great answer to prayer in our economic times and has come with much patience and effort.

It is a very special occasion because it allows our Music Pastor to put down roots in Delaware. I remember when the Valiantes purchased their first home here and the stability it brought to their lives and their position at Lighthouse.

The Pritts are renovating their new home with hopes of moving in around August 15th. Several men have volunteered to help and are presently painting, cleaning, laying floors, etc. If you are willing to help them, please speak to Pastor Pritt.

We are told in Scripture to minister physically to those who minister spiritually to us. 1Co 9:11 If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?

Let’s show them how much we appreciate their family and tremendous ministry at Lighthouse!

Pastor Witmer