Monday, February 25, 2008

Answered Prayer

We praise the Lord for answered prayer on Sunday with our Friend and Neighbor day. The Lord blessed incredibly with 41 visitors and at least 4 people calling on the Lord for salvation.

We give all the glory to Him; He is the gracious LORD who of His own accord offered salvation to mankind. We praise His mercy and Grace that causes Him to lavish on us not only a rescue from the lake of fire, but spiritual blessings unthinkable!

The saved are holy and blameless
We are accepted in the beloved
We are adopted children by Jesus Christ
We know His Mystery of gathering us all as one in eternity
We have an inheritance in His Mystery
We are sealed by His Holy Spirit

etc., etc., the praise and glory of His grace

We thank and praise YOU LORD, and ask you to use us in greater ways for your Glory!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


We had a very good Men with a Mission Breakfast this morning. There were about 20 men out I guess and we had a sweet time of eating, fellowship, and prayer. There are often tears at our meetings, which reveals soft and humble hearts. We cried to the Lord with Thanksgiving and Petition. We prayed that our goal of $30,000 next week would be reached and exceeded. We reminded the Lord that we believed in His great power and that He of His own will raised up this church. We asked Him to do a miracle to bring in the money so that we could build when our plans are approved - we acknowledged that as He does it, He will get the glory.

I want to encourage those who may be hesitant about building to remember the need we see every Sunday and the fact that there is no restraint to the Lord. Every Sunday for the last "who -knows-how-long" we have exceeded the maximum occupancy of our building. We do not break code of course because we overflow to the two temporary modular buildings. Now I ask you, cannot the God who keeps bringing in people simply bring in the amount needed to build an adequate facility? Do we in our small faith really believe that He is giving us new families and new converts and intends us to to remain in trailers to minister to them? God has provided adequate houses of worship for His people for thousands of years, and we look to Him humbly to supply for Lighthouse.

I ask you to give in Faith for a new facility to reach our Jerusalem. There is an immediate need, and we have a God that will answer as we pray and give in faith.