Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mincy Worship

I cannot say how much I enjoyed and truly Worshiped the Lord at the Sacred Concert on Sunday night. Dave Mincy is a fellow who puts his whole heart into his music, yet avoids the Contemporary trap of lust of the flesh, eyes, pride of life. Pray for him as he plunges forward into the blind will of God with his music. He confided that he feels much like blind Noah right now.

Can you see the difference in his music and what is offered to you at the Christian bookstore right now? His music is "Contemporary" in that it is up-to-date, yet is not rocky, sensual, or self serving -- Rather, it is God centered, self revealing, and doctrinally pregnant. He is not seeking fame, fortune, or popularity - He is ministering in local churches like ours.

We need to understand that we sing the "old hymns" because of their tremendous doctrine, God focus, and "singability" for our worship. We do not sing them because there is something more sacred about the time period in which they were written, or the music styles from that period. Praise songs from Mainstream Contemporary "artists" today are puddle songs (very shallow). They are focused on self experience and God doing something to me. They are also written to be marketed as a business for the greatest return with secular (unbelievers) music labels, attention, and respect. Mincy's songs are wonderfully transparent about our own sin and God's amazing Character, grace, and majesty.

I surely hope that more present day Pastors, Music Pastors, and believers will write new songs that can be sung in churches to add to our wonderful hymns. The idea of new hymns from Godly people that are far from the "sensual world" is a GOOD THING.

We praise the Lord for Who He is and how Great He is in all His Ways -- He Is God! Do yourself a spiritual favor and go to "What's New", or "Special Music" in this website and watch the video from some of the concert -- I would recommend "You are God" and "God's Plan".


Monday, February 16, 2009


It may seem to you eons since I wrote last. It has been a month. No special reason for the delay other than my laptop hard drive failing and having to get a new HD in it. This of course meant that all my settings, programs, etc. were gone. Praise the Lord my personal files and sermons were saved! (my programs were not saved, but some of them were under deep conviction)

This has been a great month at LBC. WOW - the BJU music ministry team was a huge blessing yesterday, weren't they? I was so excited how transparent and ministering they were. In the afternoon when we took them to eat, I found them to be the same way. We have never had a group that was so interested in our church and our ministry. Usually, the college kids are young and don't really seem interested. But this group was very special. My heart was ministered to greatly by the S.S. message and Audrey's testimony (violin girl). I could feel the pain of her journey with God.

I want you to know that the Lord is working in the hearts of several individuals behind the scenes. Praise the Lord for this strange thing called Sanctification. He actually purifies the redeemed sinner as a process before we see Him face to face. How unsearchable are His ways!

Well, that's about it -- you did a great job at the Polar Bear Offering - near 25,000 now. We still need to pray for "Big Bucks" and give the best we can. We were informed that we will save on reduced cost of steel, labor, etc. - but the challenges of our sitework have added a huge amount to those costs. I would type how much "huge" is, but I can't bring myself to look at it. We are having a budget meeting with our Builder sometime soon to look at the updated costs. We knew all along that the longer we take to build, the more building costs would rise. Every building site has unique challenges that push costs. Our challenges are the underground storm water management system, the replacement of trees from previous owner, and the work we will need to do on the new entrances.

In all these things, God is faithful! He has an exact plan for this, and I hold fast to "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord." We have walked with Him to the Union Hall, to the Warehouse, to 1842 Otts Chapel, and now to where He leads. I don't say this as a cliche'---I really believe it, and it keeps my heart calm when I see the big costs of the new building with all the "zeros" behind it. God has a plan for Lighthouse, it is not a "dice-shoot". God is directing our steps. We know this because He said it. Now we act on it, and expect the reward. Hebrews 11:6.