Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mincy Worship

I cannot say how much I enjoyed and truly Worshiped the Lord at the Sacred Concert on Sunday night. Dave Mincy is a fellow who puts his whole heart into his music, yet avoids the Contemporary trap of lust of the flesh, eyes, pride of life. Pray for him as he plunges forward into the blind will of God with his music. He confided that he feels much like blind Noah right now.

Can you see the difference in his music and what is offered to you at the Christian bookstore right now? His music is "Contemporary" in that it is up-to-date, yet is not rocky, sensual, or self serving -- Rather, it is God centered, self revealing, and doctrinally pregnant. He is not seeking fame, fortune, or popularity - He is ministering in local churches like ours.

We need to understand that we sing the "old hymns" because of their tremendous doctrine, God focus, and "singability" for our worship. We do not sing them because there is something more sacred about the time period in which they were written, or the music styles from that period. Praise songs from Mainstream Contemporary "artists" today are puddle songs (very shallow). They are focused on self experience and God doing something to me. They are also written to be marketed as a business for the greatest return with secular (unbelievers) music labels, attention, and respect. Mincy's songs are wonderfully transparent about our own sin and God's amazing Character, grace, and majesty.

I surely hope that more present day Pastors, Music Pastors, and believers will write new songs that can be sung in churches to add to our wonderful hymns. The idea of new hymns from Godly people that are far from the "sensual world" is a GOOD THING.

We praise the Lord for Who He is and how Great He is in all His Ways -- He Is God! Do yourself a spiritual favor and go to "What's New", or "Special Music" in this website and watch the video from some of the concert -- I would recommend "You are God" and "God's Plan".


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