Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gone Home

Mr. Woody Waldron has gone to be with the Lord tonight.  I got a call a few hours ago. 

Woody was a great guy and it was my joy to see him for the last time this afternoon with Pastor Valiante.  The Hospice chaplain said it would not be long, and it certainly wasn't.  Our hearts go out especially to his granddaughter that is taken it quite hard.

We will be officiating over the funeral and it will most likely be next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Spicer-Mulliken will be handling the details.  For the family, I would like to thank several people who visited quite regularly.  You know who you are and great is your reward in heaven!

We will miss you Woody. 

Softball Cancelled

Tonight's Softball game has been cancelled due to wet fields.  The team is to report to the Witmers house at 314 Jaymar Blvd. Newark, De. for a team meeting.  Come hungry.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Still the Lamb?

As I left the second showing of the Cantata this morning, I pondered in my mind why God continues to call Jesus the Lamb even into the book of Revelations.  He will be seen in the future as the Lamb upon His throne.

We are told that Jesus is also the Lion of Judah.  Why does the Father not only portray Christ as the Lion after the resurrection and exaltation?

I would like to suggest an educated guess.  Jesus still bears the wounds that He received as the slain lamb.  John the Revelator refers to the exalted Christ three times as the slain Lamb.  I believe that the Father chose to continue to call Jesus a Lamb because of these "forever wounds".

Jesus will forever bear the marks of our salvation in His blessed palms, feet, side, and head.  The Father chose that His glorified body would retain these marks as testimonies that our sins are forever atoned for.

This is my best guess...and I think it is a good one.  Praise be to the Lamb slain, resurrected, and glorified.  To Him be honor, riches, glory, and might forever and ever.  AMEN!  He alone is Worthy.  He is risen!  He is risen indeed.