Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Haven of Rest

Hello All! Here is a recent email received from the mother of one of our missionaries:

Hi Pastor Witmer,
You probably don't remember me but I'm Missionary Sergio Robles' mother-in-law. I just wanted to take this opportunity to "Thank-You" and your church for the missionary home that you make available to your missionaries and their families while they're in the area. The "Haven of Rest", what a fitting name indeed. My daughter and her family enjoys that home whenever they're in the area. My granddaughter, Kyla Rose, refers to if as the "Gopher House", because last summer while they were staying there, there was a family of gophers that they enjoyed watching. Now whenever she knows they're on their way there she says,
"We're on our way to the "Gopher House" , Grandma!!!! I don't think you know what a blessing it always is to them!!!! They're so looking forward to getting there again next week. We've visited them while they were there and it's a lovely place.
Thank you and your church for being such a blessing to my "special " missionaries, let alone the many others.

Mrs. Kim Pagan

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