Friday, July 3, 2009

Show and More

With the hubbub of expecting a new Witmer baby, I did not blog any final comments about the John Watson Show. I don't want to belabor the event, but do want to say a few things to close it out:

#1. Praise the Lord for giving calmness and boldness in answer to many of our prayers.

#2. Thank each of you who called in and listened. It was a great encouragement to hear the voices of the "LBC family".

#3. There have been several positive results of our stand and the show including God's Word and Gospel being heard by thousands of people; visitors that heard the show coming to LBC; three local business owners that called or stopped by to pledge their support of our stand; the cooperation of fundamental churches together; etc.

#4. Surprisingly, we have not had too much backlash from our stand. We had only one negative email and one anonymous letter.

Well, that concludes that chapter in our lives, but does not conclude the call to stand publicly for what God says. A week or so ago, my daughter was given a book as a gift from the local library for reading so many books this summer. It is a program to reward reading. You guessed it, the "teen" book featured a gay man as one of its characters. Amazing...this Gay Agenda runs wide across many spans of influence.

Let us not grow weary in the work of love, send the Light...send the Light !

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