Saturday, June 6, 2009

Willow Creek Confession

Lighthouse Baptist Church was founded in part because a group of grounded believers said no to their church participating in the Willow Creek Movement. If you are not familiar with this movement, it is/was the "Seeker-Sensitive" model of reaching people. They sure did reach people. Mega Churches grew up in many places.

Now, after a mult-year study of the results of this "Seeker-sensitive" approach, a book has been released admitting that a great mistake was made. Willow Creek is full of people who don't know their Bibles and are questionable disciples of Jesus Christ.

I would encourage you to really think through the gimmicks that are being used to "reach" people for the Lord. It is not gimmicks that REALLY reach people, it is the plodding of preaching, soul winning, discipling, teaching, and a Biblical local church. Numbers and crowds are not the goal. We need to wash ourselves of the foolishness of "churching" for numbers. As Willow Creek is now seeing, it leads to places of mistakes.

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