Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great, Grinch, and Gravy

My heart was overwhelmed with Christ, God's goodness, and joy as I listened to the Christmas Cantata on Sunday Night. "And Glory Shone Around" was a tremendous collection of thoughts about the Incarnation. The choir was the strongest and boldest I have ever heard them, and at one point I almost felt compelled to stand in praise to the Lord.

I do hope you are focusing on Jesus more and more this Christmas. I know some of you will not have the joy of a real Christmas tree and perhaps you are like me and can't understand why Brian won't put red and green on the website.....but despite these small discouragements --- Rejoice this Christmas!!

Concerning Gravy: I like it on Mashed Potatoes, but it has little to do with Mennonite Hogmaw which should be eaten on Christmas. If you have no Hogmaw, eat Ham. If you have no Ham, eat Turkey. If you have no Turkey, eat cashews. If no cashews, we are in a bad economic state.


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