Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joyful Thanksgiving

I do trust you had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed time with the Chapman's (Amy's folks) in Greenville, SC. Her entire family is there now and makes it easy to see them all on holidays, etc. We enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Christmas the next day on Friday of every year. If it were my choice, I would move the entire world to this efficient holiday system: Thankfulness; Christ's Birth-----it goes together well.

We will be returning on Wed. afternoon and will see everyone in the evening service. We will miss you tomorrow and pray that you will have tremendous services at LBC. Please encourage the Assistant Pastor's by your faithful attendance :)

Some of you may have not been at the Thanksgiving service when I announced we are expecting child #5. It was a great surprise to Amy and I and I jokingly say her name will be "Providence". Of course it is too early to know the gender, but little girls smell better when snuggled. If it is a boy, we will be giving it to Jeff and Jess. :) (Oh the joy of getting the last word!) Honestly though, we will cherish boy or girl, so don't send me hate mail about the boy comment :)

One last sad note...Jack Miller's "Pop" died earlier this week. You may know that Jack was greatly burdened for him. I spoke to him today and the funeral will likely be on Thursday. Of course, Lighthouse will do all we can do for the family.

May the Lord bless each of you, we will see you when we get back.


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