Thursday, November 20, 2008

What !?!?!!!

Amazingly enough, I announced last night in the service that we would no longer be taking a Wednesday evening offering. This may come as a "shocker" to those who realize we are building a building. However, you may not realize that the giving on Wednesday evening is almost a formality, and those who give would naturally give their tithes and offerings on Sunday anyway.

Another reason for the change is the goal of developing our Mid-week service into a service that focalizes on Biblical Teaching, Prayer, and Missionary Education. We also want to Concentrate this service into a block of an hour and fifteen minutes. Removing the offering will help.

In addition to these changes, beginning in January, our Adult Wednesday Service will move to 6:30pm for a trial period of 3 months. We then will evaluate the change and continue accordingly. Thank you for all the great input we received from the questionnaire on this issue. Your input mixed with prayerful and Biblical wisdom made this decision.


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