Friday, November 7, 2008

November 16th

I am writing today especially to those who regularly visit this website that are not in our church. Perhaps you live in another state or in an area where you do not have a good Fundamental church to attend.

Our Website tracks those who visit it and the areas of the country and the world where people are enjoying sermons, music, etc. There are many that visit us regularly all over the globe.

I am writing to you to invite you to have a part in what LBC is doing. No doubt by now you realize we are in the process of building a new Auditorium. The Lord has allowed us for over a year now to overflow our present 211 seat auditorium into a video overflow. We presently average around 260 on Sunday mornings and are in serious need of a new auditorium. It is our desire not to go to two services in order to preserve the "family" spirit that we so much enjoy.

Our November Quarterly Building offering is called the "Fall Informed Offering". We brought in our Builder: Jim Nowland and our Site Engineer: Bruce Tease from Landmark Engineering to speak to our congregation last Sunday night. After the presentation, questions were taken from the floor. I encourage you to watch the meetings in our sermon video section.

As a church, we are presently giving through weekly commitments, surplus income, and these quarterly offerings. Our building is not a matter of mere wish, but present need. I am asking you, our worldwide visitors to have a part in what you see God doing at our church. Soon, we will have an online building donation "gateway" through Paypal - but for now, would you please pray about sending "offerings" (not your local church tithes) to:

Lighthouse Baptist Church Building Fund
1842 Otts Chapel Rd.
Newark, De 19702

Your gifts are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be sent to you at the end of the year.

May the Lord bless your consideration of this worthy building for the cause of Christ.

Faithfully Christ's,

Pastor Witmer

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