Saturday, December 20, 2008

Prayer Please

I would kindly request your prayer for my father. As you know, we went to WV on Thursday to enjoy a few days of Christmas with the Witmer clan. The plan was to return on Saturday. On Friday night at 11pm, my father began to have what appeared to all as a heart attack. He has a long history of heart disease and has had several heart attacks. We called 911 and during severe chest pain, he began having a series of "petite mal seizures". These are very scary attacks where the person goes into a non-responsive eyes-open stare for 30 seconds to several minutes. Each seizure we yell, shake, and do whatever to get Dad to respond again. Each time, he "snaps" out of it, but is weakened by the experience. You can imagine the first several of these as we thought they were heart attacks with no response. He was transferred to a hospital that has a special Neurology Dept. We have been with him since. He continues to have the seizures, and now we are in the 20's I guess. They will be trying to diagnose the EEG readings on Sunday afternoon. Though he has been having severe chest pain especially at the beginning of this, they are leaning away from heart attack or stroke. Please pray for some resolution of this for our family.

Many thanks to Mont, PCP, and Jeff Washer who helped me with arrangements and greatly encouraged me to stay with my father rather than return to LBC in this hard time. Sometimes there is a great duty tug of war in being a Pastor.

We will miss you all tomorrow, but are so excited that the Lord has worked out for you to hear a great preacher, Dr. Bruce Miller in the morning; and our most able Dr. Bish in the evening.

Merry Christmas, God bless LBC.


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