Thursday, December 25, 2008

She Walked in Beauty - Hazel's Song

She Walked in Beauty
The poem of Hazel Shockley, by Pastor Tobe Witmer 11/21/08

She walked in beauty every day,
Her head held high, with love and praise,
No fairer maid has graced our church,
With nobler life and virtuous worth.

She walked in beauty to all she met,
With kind reproof and no regret,
Her trust in Him who saved her soul,
Could not be swayed by pain untold.

She walked in beauty as time drew near,
Her faith in tact and her focus clear,
Toward foreign shores where maids like her,
Walk with their Savior with eyes unblurred.

She walked in beauty with family,
Great motherly love and kindness free,
To girls and son both hers and grand,
She kissed their cheeks and held their hands.

She walked in beauty, she preached each day,
Of praise to God, of thanks unswayed,
Her courage remains a landmark here,
While she walks in beauty with her Savior near.

O child of God with face so long,
Can you not join our Hazel’s song?
Can you not praise your Lord for all?
And walk in beauty both proud and tall?

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