Thursday, January 6, 2011

Urgent New Castle County Prayer Request

Dear LBC Family,

I ask each of you to pray and if you feel led to contact your council person or Delaware Senator over the following matter:

Since the week before Christmas, we have been going back and forth with New Castle County because they have denied renewing permits for our (2) Trailer/Modulars. As most of you know, these modular structures are of huge impact to our ministry. The allow for (3) Sunday School classes, our church office, King's Kids weekly children's program, Junior Church, Pastor's Prayer Partners, Senior Citizen events, Funeral dinners, Teen activities, video overflow of our services up to this point, and a host of other uses beneficial to our church, community, and to other churches that have used them.

I certainly understand the County's position in desiring to cleanup the temporary structures in our County, however, this comes at a terrible time for us as we seek with all our strength to build a new building. They are within their written ordinance writes as I understand it to refuse renewal, however, we are requesting understanding and common sense toward LBC in this time of moving forward in our plan to build.

I have called on area Pastors and churches to help us pray and influence this decision. WOEL 89.9 FM is running an urgent prayer request for us on the radio. Another Pastor is calling his former Senator to see if he can help the influence.

Today at 2:15pm we will meet with the Land Use Department and lay out our case. Up to this point, they have made it clear that they do not intend to compromise any on this issue. They will not renew our permits and we must get rid of the trailers immediately. Councilwoman Diller, Tackett, and Sen. Hall-Long have interviened to get us the "stay" until this meeting.

I ask you to urgently pray for the will of God in this transitional time of our church.  This is a political matter that could influence other churches and your voice will be heard by your council person or Senator.


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