Thursday, January 6, 2011

"V" is for Victory!

I am so happy to report that the New Castle Land Use Dept. has reversed their decision and granted us a three year permit for our "modular" buildings.

This was a great surprise to us as we went to the meeting ready to please our (God's) case.  After some questions about dates, pulling files, etc., the Land Use Manager simply said that they would give us the three year permit and that it was an error on their side.  Amazing.

Many thanks to Councilwoman Diller, Councilman Dave Tackett, Sen. Hall-Long, George Haggerty, Dave Culver, and others who helped us in this process.

God is great and heard the prayers of His people!  Do you see it?  Do I see it?  Do we understand that God intervened in the hearts and lips of the right people to deal favorably with us? 

I am encouraged in faith not only by these permits, but the bigger matter of building the building we so desperately need.  The hour is here, God hears our prayers, the need is great, and God is on His Throne!  Amen!


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