Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Bodies Promised

Dear LBC Family,

Please pray for the courage and strength of Mrs Phyllis Thompson who was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.  She has some decisions and another biopsy in front of her.  She will also be having chemo. in the near future.  She needs your prayers.

We also pray for Mrs. Judy Griffiths as well in her treatments.

We know that these bodies were not made for the long hall.  The Lord has new and improved bodies planned for each of us who are new in Jesus Christ.

Let's rally around those that are hurting as the family of God.  The first priority of prayer is their spiritual strength.  As you pray for their health, ask God to strengthen their faith in the inner man.  Pray that the Lord would give them opportunities to draw closer to Him, to be a witness for Him, to comfort others in the comfort that they receive.

We love each of you that are hurting.  The Lord cares about the fallen sparrow, and He cares for you even more!


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