Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation 3

Hello to all in Lighthouse land. We are on our return voyage home and have stopped through Morgantown, WV to avoid a Hotel charge halfway. (hey, I believe in honesty)

Anyhow, this is the first that we have had reliable internet and I was watching some things that Brian Mensch as uploaded to the website. (Yes, I am missing our church)...Anyhow - Wow!! What a great job Josh French and Kelley Evans did on the Penny Whistle and Piano - -what a wonderful reminder that the Lord leads us like a shepherd. It was also nice to see the reminder on Memorial Day that "All Across the Country, the Country needs the Cross" --- that is certainly true of America.

As you see in the picture - I had some Fishing Fortune with the help of Mr. Powell's borrowed lures.

Well, we will be back in Delaware tomorrow night, so be sure to stop by our house and help us unload and unpack! ttfn


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