Saturday, May 2, 2009


Amy and I met a very nice lady today named S______. This lady has just moved here from Texas and her husband is a contractor in Iraq. She was a dear sister in the Lord and she shared her testimony with joy and praise to the Lord.

She has 3 children. An older teen boy and twin 16 month olds. Wow. She had 6 miscarriages after her first boy and finally told the Lord she would stop trying to have children. Through a surprise pregnancy, God gave her twins. A beautiful boy and girl. Amen.

She doesn't have a church yet and lives near LBC. She was excited to be invited to our services and we ended our meeting in park with prayer together. One of the last things she told us was she was headed for Kmart and stopped at the Park on a whim. She was so glad she stopped and so were we.

Praise you Lord for saving people and allowing us to fellowship together! How happy heaven will be...

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