Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates on Past and Present Things


I wanted to briefly bring you up to date on a few things:

1. Thank you for your patience for the Memorial and In Honor Display. A year ago, we took dedications of $500.00 in Memory of those gone on before us, and In Honor of those we respect that are still living. For many months, I worked with a professional Memorial Display Company to design a nice display. After much red tape, very expensive quotes, and dissatisfaction,etc. - I abandoned the idea for a much better one. By the end of February you will see a beautiful display in our auditorium on the piano side/lobby wall. It is gorgeous, so be ready to be pleased :) Those of you who would like to give a gift to the Building Fund in Memorial, or Honor -- there is still time, and places will be available after the display is up. We will also be offering a larger, second Tier of Memorial/Honor at the $1000.00 level. Past donors may upgrade their Memorials. Please see a staff member for details.

2. The 6:30pm Prayer Meeting start has been a Kick-off success. We have dismissed the service at or before 7:45pm. Folks have enjoyed the new format and there has been much fellowship following. It is our continual goal through 2009 to grow that mid-week service to fill the auditorium.

Please pray for my family as we will be traveling this coming Monday to South Carolina for my annual Master's Degree block class. I am somewhere near 1/2 way completed with the degree. (Actually PV may beat me earning his!) This year, in lieu of the Pastor's missions trip (interrupted by baby #5) - I will be taking the full 2 weeks of class. I will be missing only one Sunday and will see you again Sunday, Feb. 1st.

Well, see you this Sunday!

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