Friday, January 2, 2009

In Appreciation

I rarely take this blog to speak of so personal a subject, but I think I need to do it, so I am. (that's deep)

This week has been particularly rough for our faithful Office Manager Jeff. I know that most members don't realize the scope of Jeff's job and therefore fail to appreciate his responsibilities and help him in them. There are too many things he does to list them, so I'm not going to even try; but I will tell you, if it deals with paper, display, activities, events, facility, etc....he's involved. It should be known however, that he is one of the driving forces for organization and "system flow" of our church. That means that things run smoothly mostly because of Jeff behind the scenes. This week the Main Office Computer (which is less than a year old) crashed without resolution. This of course is his main tool of service. Though we have an internal backup storage hard drive, nearly a month's worth of work died in a second. All of the Annual Report work was there. We are trying to retrieve these files through a professional computer Guru. Needless to say, this hit Jeff pretty hard.

Jeff and Jess also clean the buildings as a separate agreement that began while we were in the warehouse. When someone "trashes" the building, it directly impacts their workload. They use this ministry of cleaning to employ different teens from time to time to help the teens and mentor them. I say these things so we as a congregation can appreciate and respect their efforts.

Here are a few things you can do to show your appreciation to his ministry to LBC:

1. Never call him at home. He does NOT work for LBC at home, he works during office hours. Spread the word, because people do call him at home.

2. Use the office folder in the lobby when possible to request things, return things, etc. instead of going up to him at church. He likes to worship also. I understand some things are unavoidable, but be respectful of his family's desire to also worship while at church. Call him in the office during the week for business.

3. Clean up after yourself in the church, class, bathrooms, etc.

4. Thank him for all he does. Bring him vegetables. He a non-red-meat-eater.

5. When you ask to borrow stuff through him(chairs/tables), bring it back when he asks you to, or when you promise. Most people do not bring things back on time.

6. Send him an encouraging email:

7. Never call him a Secretary, though he serves as mine. He is "Appreciated Administration" all the way.

Thanks, this will make for a better church experience for you also. I sure do like our staff...we should Praise the Lord.

Happy New Year again!

p.s. My Dad has not had a seizure since I returned and he and Mom are on their 50th Anniversary Cruise beginning tomorrow! Amen, thank you Lord.

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