Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The House of Prayer: 6:30pm

I have announced that it will be a goal in 2009 at LBC to build our Prayer Meeting. We have taken several steps to make this service more accessible and functional to our people. Now please don't think this is a seeker-sensitive move! :) You know that I am very opposed to trading Biblical direction for men's opinions. However, there is certainly liberty with our services to make them more accessible to our people and still keep them Biblical.

There are several families that have indicated that they would come to the Prayer Meeting if they were able to be home earlier. There were only a few that reported an earlier service would keep them from coming. Most that come already to the service said they would not be affected either way. Since our King's Kids service has always been at 6:30pm, beginning tonight we will be starting our Adult Prayer Meeting at the same time. We will try to keep the service around 1 hr. and 15 minutes. This will allow for fellowship, Teen choir, etc. after the service before the King's Kids dismiss at 8:15pm. Here are some of the elements we are incorporating each Wednesday Prayer Meeting:

1. Missionary Spotlight-(a short time that highlights one of our Missionaries)

2. Occasional specials- we will occasionally allow our children to minister to us.

3. Preaching/Teaching- we are currently teaching an advanced Bible Series entitled: Handbook for Discipleship.

4. Prayer- We will continue to have a concentrated time of prayer at the end of our service; sometimes in groups, sometimes by the leading of a few men, sometimes in pairs.

I do pray that the Lord will graciously move many hearts to come to Pray. Consider please the following strong thought, and I hope to see you tonight:

Jesus never said, My house is a house of Missions. He never said, My house is a house of Sunday School. He did say, My house is a house of Prayer. Abandon Missions and Sunday School before neglecting the Prayer Meeting.

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