Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random thoughts on the Marriage Equality Bill that passed in Delaware Today

I really don't know where to begin.  I am numb.  I sat in the car after the vote with Pastor George Tuten and we prayed together.  When it was my turn to pray, I felt like I did not know what to say.  I simply yielded to the Sovereignty of God who does all things well.

This battle has been a worthy one.  It was right for 75 plus pastors to stand publicly against this Bill.  I am glad that we invested the time to stand for the Lord.  I am withholding words of judgment toward those pastors who did not come to stand.  I am holding back words of zealous rebuke that I want to say.  "Where were you?"...

When it really came down to it today, it really was about the Lord.  I was surprisingly pleased that much of the conversation was about our Creator, our ultimate Judge, etc.  Many of the Senators warned of answering to the Lord for this vote.  Honestly, much of the conversation revolved around God.  I was surprised and joyful that they still knew there was a God in Dover.

 I have found that liberal legislators hide behind the pole numbers when they cast their vote, and conservatives vote their conscience (that may be a generality - but seemed true for this vote)

The testimony today was prophetic in many ways.  Professional speakers and clergy warned of coming results of redefining marriage.  It seemed that no one was listening.  The warnings quoted from places like Massachusetts are grim.

Our churches District Senator (Hall-Long) came into the chamber at the very last minute.  She saw me and two other pastors from her district and came straight across and spoke into my ear that she had made her decision two hours ago and was voting "for" the bill.  Very upsetting.  I pray that a candidates will rise up from one of the churches to take the senate and house seat of District 12.

It is hard to believe in my lifetime that we have come so far down as a nation.  It is crazy to think that America is living Sodom and Gomorrah.  We have pushed away God.  We have thrown His Word to the sidelines.  Believers have absorbed the perversion of Hollywood and Oprah.

The day is dark and I pray that it will stir believers in a mighty way.  I have not been one of those pastors that constantly call for Revival - but we need that.  Only God Almighty's mercy can save us now.

This battle did something else: it united conservative, Bible preaching Pastors.  We will not stop fighting - in fact, I believe this joined the hearts of many leaders for Christ together in Delaware.  God is worthy, and it is a joy and honor to stand for what He stands for.  We hold the Book, the blood, and the blessed hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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