Friday, April 12, 2013

DE Same Sex Marriage Bill: An open letter to Senator Hall-Long and Rep. Kowalko

An open letter to Delaware legislators Bethany Hall-Long and John Kowalko Jr.  April 12, 2013

Dear Legislators Hall-Long and Kowalko,

I want begin by especially thanking Sen. Hall-Long for her continued contact and responsiveness to the 170 plus families that make up the Lighthouse Baptist Church in her district.  Your considerations and participation in our community has been above and beyond the call of duty.  Though we have not had the same level of relationship with Rep. Kowalko, I am sure he too desires to listen to the hearts of his constituents.

I feel that it is my duty as a Pastor of this community and a child of the living God to cry out against the direction of our noble State of Delaware toward same sex marriage.  The Governor's announcement yesterday was shocking in light of the promises made by the supporters of same sex civil unions just months ago.  When I stood with others to speak at Committee hearings, we were told that civil unions were not a stepping stone to same sex marriage.  The evidence now seems obvious.

I could speak to you of the benefits in society of natural marriage, of the clear commands of God's Word upon which this country and our blessed laws are founded; I could take you verse by verse through the Scripture of God's creation of marriage and it's definition; of the curse against same sex unions and behavior; of the New Testament passages of natural laws and prohibitions.

However, in this open letter, I wish to share with you the highest reason that same sex marriage should be opposed.  It is the truth of why God created marriage in the first place - beyond procreation, beyond stable society, beyond childrearing.  Marriage is the object lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - that He would take a "bride" whom He would forgive, give a new life to, unite in an unbreakable bond, and live forever with in eternal bliss.  Consider please that the marriage between a husband and a wife is the picture of Jesus Christ joining all who will believe on Him.  For this reason primarily, the object lesson of marriage cannot be marred, broken, or redefined:

"Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;" Eph. 5:25

Legislators, you may not fully comprehend it, but your quest for "marriage equality" is not only the undermining of our society and a betrayal of our children, but it is an attack on the very Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our society though has forsaken the authority of the Scriptures and has followed the siren song of plurality of religion or the absence of it.  Yet, when all is over and the last moment of time ticks away, it will be revealed that this present struggle was not about equality, love, or rights - it was about the agenda of the Wicked One perverting the picture of the love of the Lord Jesus and His pure love for His bride.  Same sex marriage with the distortion of genders, roles, distinctions, etc. eliminates the object lesson and the purpose for marriage on earth as given by God in the first place.

I beg you that you will reject the Delaware same sex marriage bill that is coming before you in the next few weeks.

Faithfully Christ's,

Pastor Tobe Witmer
Lighthouse Baptist Church
1842 Otts Chapel Rd.
Newark, De  19702

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