Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary

Last night in the Prayer Service we sang the wonderful old song "Burdens are Lifted at Calvary".  Pastor Pritt paused the song between a verse and asked the crowd something like "Do you understand how because of Calvary you can give your burdens to the Lord?".

I want to think about that just a minute - How is Calvary the reason we can give our burdens to the Lord?

  1. We were the enemy of God that was only under His wrath before Calvary.
  2. Jesus' atonement at Calvary quenched the wrath of God toward us and made us friends and children of God.
  3. Jesus tore the veil in two that separated us from the Holy Place at Calvary.  That means we can go boldly before God to find mercy for our burdens in times of need.
  4. Calvary made the way to receive the Holy Spirit into our hearts that cries "Abba Father" and groans for us in times of burden with words that cannot be uttered.
  5. Because of Calvary, Jesus ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father to make intercession for us.  He speaks on behalf of our burdens and is touched with the feeling of our infirmities.
As I think about this connection between Calvary and God bearing my burdens, I realize that answered prayer, grace for daily living, comfort, etc. are given by GRACE from Calvary - not because I have been good enough or appeased God in some way, or that He likes me more today.  That is great realization as I rest in my Father's love and grace because of the cross rather than my performance.  Since I have Christ, the Lord by grace will bear my burdens!  Amen!!!!!!!!  Praise Him!!

These are five ways that Calvary allows us to cast our burdens upon the Lord.  I am sure there are many more - but I do hope that these will cause you to sing with conviction during the trials and struggles of this week:  "Burdens are lifted at Calvary....Calvary, Calvary.....Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Jesus is very near!"


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