Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy In the Lord

Today I am happy in the Lord and I just wanted to tell someone.

We had such a good Lord's Day yesterday and that encourages my soul a good deal.  It is wonderful to see people of all ages fellowshipping in true Christian love.  I love to see pockets of people before and after the service just loving on each other and spending time building friendships that are sharpening each other in the Lord.  It is exciting when that happens naturally and is a sign of a healthy, Biblical church.

I also rejoice about the spiritual growth we have seen lately.  People's hearts are tender to the preaching of the Word.  We have had several saved lately, people waiting to be baptized, and a surge of church membership.  Amen.  Beyond this, there is growth spiritually in individuals that is not so public - People who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness (and by the way, being filled!)

Amy and I walked the construction site on Saturday and praised the Lord that the faith and patience of many years is becoming site.  Before long, Lord willing, we will see the steel arive for the frame of our building, the footers poured, and the site taking shape.  Wow....Amen. (Steel arrives in 7 weeks :)

There are many sorrows and hardships in our church right now and it is a joyful thing to see other believers responding to them in selfless ministry.  Hardship and joy rest side by side in the Christian life.

I just needed to praise the Lord today.  He is patiently teaching me about Himself in the Gospel of Mark.  I am very slowly letting go of my preconceptions of Jesus and seeing Him for who He really is in the phrases, actions, and chapters of God's Word.  I am trying to no longer stuff Jesus into the pretty boxes of my thinking, but rather allow Him to be who He really is and for me to admire and learn.

"I praise you this day Lord, I want to use my day for your glory.  Help me to remember today that I am dead with Christ on the cross, I am alive to righteousness because I was in/with Christ at the resurrection.  Let this Biblical Truth be my power for pleasing you this day.  In the name of Jesus, Amen."

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