Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Construction and More

I wanted to give a quick update on how Construction was coming along on the church.

We are very excited that the Lord has answered the prayers to hold back the rain this week so far.  We have had full workdays with Nowland's crew.  The back of the property is amazingly ripped up with storm water management trenches, swills, etc.  They are laying pipe and other mechanisms to control water run-off of the site.

The construction entrance is/has going in and the various garages should be demolished in the next several days.  The crews are working hard toward the pouring of our building pad before the winter sets in.

In the meantime, final color/texture choices are being made for the building.  We have chosen a brick that was used in the New Visitor Center at the University of Delaware on South College Ave. across from the Morris Library.  It is a timeless deep red brick with variegated "flashing" that will be beautiful and available for time to come.  The roof will be "slate gray" metal and will match our existing building.  The exterior of the main building will be a neutral color with gritty texture similar to many "Dryvit" buildings you see in this area.

It is an exciting time and the best thing is that we are seeing now with our eyes thousands of prayers raised to the Lord over many years.  Amen, thank you Lord!!


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