Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speak out believers!

I just read the above article on Fox that stirs up my God-fearing zeal.  The article is about a Christian student that was expelled from Eastern Michigan University for being a Counseling major who opposes Homosexuality.  According to the article, the university expelled her because she could not properly counsel homosexuals because she believed they were morally wrong.

Let me give a bit of true wisdom.  Here is proper and positive counsel to homosexuals:  forsake sodomy, repent and ask the Lord's forgiveness by the blood of Christ on the Cross.  Get accountable to a Pastor or Godly man in a Bible believing church that constantly asks you if you are staying pure.  Get accountable in your internet and media.  Memorize verses about fornication and purity.  Date the opposite sex.  Buy masculine clothes if you are a man - dress feminine and grow your hair long if you are a woman.   Stay pure and get married.  That is proper counsel.  I want to make a statement that I hope all Christians will consider:  Secular counseling (Psychology, Psychiatry is NOT in agreement with God's counsel.  It is not proper medicine because it contradicts the ways of the Maker.  Believers should be VERY hesitant of secular counseling and seek a Bible Based Counselor (a Pastor, or trained counselor) instead.  Secular Psychology is very corrupt and destructive to the lives of those who trust it.  It is not good as it works off of theories that contradict the Bible.  Many Christian psychologists try to integrate secular psychology with the Bible. (James Dobson)  This is not good and cannot work.  The Word of God is totally sufficient and believers should not seek a substitute or value modern Psychiatry as "medicine" or scientifically superior to God's Counsel.  Consider true Biblical counseling

Secondly, this is not a matter of meeting standards at a college.  It is Christian persecution that a Judge has now upheld.  Welcome to the beginning of creative ways to hurt believers in America.  I do pray that there is a large group of Christians organizing to picket outside of Eastern Michigan University.  I do pray that there are Pastors trying to book radio time to denounce U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh's ruling.  I do hope there is a Supreme Court to overturn this decision. 

If and when this happens around Lighthouse, I do trust that we will have the courage and character to cry for God's Ways just as loudly, as lovingly, and as boldly as we possibly can.  Please pray for this young woman, Julea Ward, who was expelled.  Pray that God would bless her a hundred fold for her stand.  Pray that perhaps she will be accepted into a Bible based Counseling program which would be much better anyway.

In God's holy zeal,


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