Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NCC Building Meeting Workshop Praise

Our entire church should praise the Lord today for a very positive meeting with the Land Use Committee for the New Castle County Council. 

We met at their offices in Wilmington.  Our Site Engineer, Bruce Tease of Landmark Engineering and I represented the LBC building project.

Councilwoman Lisa Diller introduced our project with encouraging praises of a project that was very well organized and communicated transparently and effectively with her office.  There were a few minor questions to Bruce and then the Chairman of the Committee, Councilman Dave Tacket told the Committee and all the spectators present that he was very familiar with the church and gave us glowing accolades of being involved and impacting our community.  He placed his approval and excitement publicly on the project and we were dismissed without further questions.

We have been placed on the agenda for next Tuesday for the final meeting with County before our Record Plan is approved to be recorded.  This will give us the permission that we have prayerfully and patiently pursued for over five years to build on our property.  Over 900 pages  of documents have been filed with New Castle County, hundreds of hours work, and over $300,000 in Engineering.  We are seeing the end of the tunnel.

I praise the Lord tonight because He has placed His good hand of favor upon us to protect us and guide our way.  Thank you Lord, we follow You and trust only on Your lead.


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