Monday, March 1, 2010

Friend and Coworker Day

We praise the Lord for "the many" visitors who had a chance to hear the gospel on Sunday morning.  You "Lighthousers" did a great job of bringing people.

We do know that at least 5 people took Red discipleship indicating that they had trusted Christ.  As you know, we don't push numbers here, but glory in obedience to preach the gospel, fruit that will remain, and being the savour of life unto life and death unto death.

The Lord worked in our evening service and after as well.  I know that many were moved by the thought of our dark world and the need for Christ from Romans 1.  It is precious to see grown men cry under the touch of the Holy Spirit.  Afterward, the Lord did His saving work and brought one to Christ.  The Lord had used several influences outside of the church throughout the last few weeks to call her to salvation.  Amen. "Some plant, some water, but God gives the increase."

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