Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I want to take a moment and praise our present Deacons.  Tonight we had a Deacons meeting and discussed many very important things that will shape the direction of our church.

There was one issue about the new building that raised a discussion that I was not prepared for.  Near the end of the discussion, it was obvious to me that many of the guys actually had more vision for the project on that detail than I did.  On the way home, I could only smile and praise the Lord for bringing such faith and courage to our leadership.

Some Pastors have the problem of getting their Deacons to be excited about anything.  I have the wonderful "problem" of having a group of guys that have seen the Lord work in the past and are ready to trust Him into the future no matter how great the mountain to climb, or deep the ocean to swim.  Praise the Lord!

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