Friday, March 27, 2009

Missions and Prison

Hello Lighthousers !!!!

We have enjoyed a really good Mission's Conference with Bob Barker, the Ruley's, Jim Wright, the van Reijns, and the Wilsons.

I don't know about you, but it was a real encouragement and challenge to me. I was continually hit with the love and grace of God and how it is our joy, duty, and responsibility to spread it here in Newark and abroad to the world.

I was challenged by Bob Barker's church of 160 or so people giving over $180,000 to missions each year. The people (and their wallets) have really caught a glimpse of worldwide evangelism, and we must also. Don't forget this coming Sunday, first thing, we will pass the offering plates to turn in our small blue card for our Faith Promise Commitments. I am excited that we will exceed what we have given before.

On another note - the three Pastors spent yesterday in Howard Young and Smyrna Prisons. In the morning and afternoon, we went into the cell pod areas and gave the gospel man by man. I was surprised to meet some true believers that needed some "Pastoring" about inner sin struggles of their life. Pray for Marcus, James, and Donald.

Also, we were able to lead a man named Ivan to Christ. He will be released in April and we have asked him to come to Lighthouse. Pray that he will come and experience the love of the true body of Christ that is no respecter of persons.

In the evening, we held a service in the Prison at Smyrna. This is a huge facility with 3300 men I believe. We had about 150+ at the service. The Rock of Ages Evangelist told us that Chaplain Pennel and Tim Heald do a great job of evangelism and discipleship and that we would have predominately saved men. When the men arrived, they began with a choir singing heartily a wonderful chorus of "Your gonna' need Jesus". I very deeply realized that this was a church. An assembly of believers under a Pastoral Chaplain. It was good for us to see.

We preached from Romans 6 about victory over sin after salvation. Many men connected and responded to begin struggling with the mindset of "not paying the old landlord of sin anymore". They seemed to realize that they vicariously died with Christ on the cross and rose to a new life with Him. That sin was not the defeating master anymore. They were alive to yield their members as instruments of righteousness.

Although the room was predominately Born again, 3 men came forward to accept Christ as Savior. It was a glory time. Pastor Pritt ended the night singing acapella "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus".

Overall, it was a tremendous time that allowed us to put into practice the preaching of the week.

We look forward to Sunday and being again together with our local gathering of the family of God.


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