Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Help Middletown

From Pastor Ed Lasko - Middletown Baptist Church:

Middletown Baptist Church is facing a new crisis with DelDOT. We have been informed of another change in the Green North + Spur Road of Route 301. The information can be found at http://www.deldot.gov/information/projects/us301/. We are concerned because this will directly affect our church. The overpass will come along the tree line to the right of our new auditorium.
I have attached a petition that we have asked our church members and community to sign. We have asked DelDOT to reconsider this option. We feel the Green North + Spur Road will have a negative impact on our church and that DelDOT should implement the option that the public chose as best: Green North with Armstrong Corner Road option2A and spur road option 3B. We are opposed to any "new changes" that are being introduced! Could you please put out copies of the petition and ask your congregation to sign?

We need to receive the completed petitions by March 31. You can fax them to (302) 378-2443 or mail them to Middletown Baptist Church, 419 Armstrong Corner Road, Middletown,DE 19709.

Thank you for your efforts on the behalf of our church.

In Christ,

Dr. Edward J. Lasko, Sr.,Senior Pastor

Middletown Baptist Church

419 Armstrong Corner Road
Middletown, DE 19709

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