Friday, October 31, 2008

Councilwoman McClellan

We had a great meeting with the Councilwoman and her assistant, Melissa Hopkins. We were able to lay out our vision and address concerns she anticipates the community could have. We were also able to articulate the use of our property for the good of the greater community. Overall, I believe it was a great meeting, thank you for praying.

The Councilwoman will be holding a Community Meeting about our project on Thursday, November 20th at 7pm. WE NEED EVERY MEMBER AND REGULAR ATTENDER TO COME, ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE IN NEWARK. LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Along the same lines, Sunday Night's "Informed Family Meeting" is very important. Our site Engineer, Bruce Tease and our builder, Jim Nowland will be giving short presentations and fielding questions from the congregation. PLEASE BE AT THIS MEETING. WE NEED A GOOD CROWD FOR THE COMMUNICATION OF THIS INFORMATION. PLEASE PASS THE WORD TO EVERY MEMBER AND REGULAR ATTENDER THAT YOU KNOW TO BE THERE.

There have been some very exciting and some challenging developments in our building project. The factor that is most an issue is money: Both General fund cash-flow (extra money for building) and Building fund offering. Our giving is Super, don't get me wrong, but for a young church with a land mortgage, we are attempting an aggressive project. The need is real; our God is rich; his people pray and believe in faith; God will provide at the time needed.


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