Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watch Your Perspective

Last night, Amy and I had the opportunity to go to a Baltimore Orioles game. With the help of Jeff Washer, we found tickets for $15 that were 20 rows off of the first base line. It was great to be able to read the guys jerseys and look them in the face. I missed a foul ball by inches...well, feet...well yards...well a mile.....

Anyhow, I was amazed at the occupation of the fans: Beer, Beer, and more Beer. I watched one group in front of us that consumed at least 3 beers a piece. Another guy was a chain drinker and showed visible signs of inebriation by the 7th inning or so.

The first group seemed to come for nothing but beer and talking. They didn't even watch the game. At one point, they were on the "Big Screen" and when told didn't even look up saying seriously: they weren't interested in seeing their faces......WHAT?

Anyhow, I began to think of perspective of life during that game. Everyone around us was drinking like it was just the thing to do. People drink to make their heart merry by dulling the concerns they are dealing with. Believers rejoice their heart by pouring out their concerns in submission and praise to the Lord. (At least they should)

It seems to me that it would be easy to get sidetracked as a Christian if you stared at the Secular World View for awhile. I let myself experimentally ask last night: "Am I missing this drinking-no God-no responsibility-life" the way to go?"

I obviously conclude "NO" - but I wonder how easy it would be for me to say "that's attractive" if I allowed myself to become entrenched in it and stared at it for awhile as many believers do. It is dangerous to think "no big deal" to drinking and a "non-accountable" life and forget that we are always accountable for our bodies, testimony, reputation, testimony to our children, conscience, ability to witness, etc. Can you hand a gospel tract to a beer vendor?

My admonition for you this morning is not to allow yourself to stare and ask the question. Stay focused on fighting the good fight of faith as the Lord told us. The Devil would love for us to be tempted to believe that the "no-rules-beer-life" is the way to go....but we are "not ignorant of his (Satan's) devices".

Have a great day and rejoice in the Lord - your Intercessor is still holding your hand and God's! Your Anchor holds!


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