Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Letter to CEO of ING Direct

I share this letter with you because I received a mass-mailing email from the CEO of ING Direct. I have an account with them, and as you see in the letter, we were considering them as an option to get a better rate on our Building Fund. I do hope you understand that "good men" need to stand against sin in this world.

Dear Arkadi, (CEO of ING Direct)

Thank you for your recent email to your customers. I sadly inform you however, that I will be dropping my account with you. I had planned to use ING as a better savings option for my children’s accounts, until I saw the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I had originally taken advantage of a $25. incentive you had sent.

Actually, our leadership was in the process of considering ING for $300,000 that we have in a Money Market with Citizen’s Bank. We are a year or so away from building a new Auditorium.

How sad it is that ING has been strong-armed into supporting an Anti-Family organization. I will not be doing business with you and I have encouraged the 150 families that I represent not to do business with you or any Pro-Gay organizations. I certainly understand marketing and selling to a “niche”, but I do not understand or support investing yourself in the Gay Agenda by partnering with GLCC.

The Gay Agenda makes up a small, very vocal minority of this country. The Evangelical Christian community represents a full 25% of the voter base. Nearly all Evangelicals are against the Gay Agenda. I do hope you will economically do the math in deciding to continue to support the Gay Agenda. Until then, I will be informing those that hear my voice that ING supports the Gay Agenda.

Very seriously yours,

Pastor Tobe Witmer (ING Customer)
Lighthouse Baptist Church
302 368 8050

cc: “Pastor’s Heart” blog on www.lbcde.org

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