Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Talking Slow

"The Holy Spirit talks slowly. We need to be patient and meditate on what He is teaching us in the Word."

This statement above may well be the most important part of Bible Study. In our fast paced society, we want information right now. God's Word is not Google. When we slow down and think through each verse, perhaps reading each verse of a passage a few times, then and usually only then can we understand the meaning of the Lord in writing it. Context and word meanings are incredibly important. Verses pulled out of the context of the recipients, culture, meaning in the passage turn into simply cliche's that most often are not even what our Lord meant.

I encourage you to listen patiently and "slowly" to the Holy Spirit as you read...study the Bible slowly and fully absorbed in the context. Pause periodically; look away and "stew" on what that verse meant. Pray through the passage. Don't be content until you get some nugget of God's Mind for you out of the passage.

"The Holy Spirit talks slowly. Only the patient will understand Him."

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