Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our head in the Sand

Today I was talking with an older warrior of Fundamentalism that remembers the glory days well. I was only a boy when the heros of believer's were Pastors and great Christian men that stood up with backbone and character against the sins of America. I remember hearing the preaching of Bill Rice Sr., Jack Hyles, Hal Webb, Curtis Hutson, Rod Bell, Bob Jones Jr., Lester Roloff, and other great preachers of the faith that were called fighting Fundamentalists because they weren't afraid to take on the Goliaths of our Country. They were not fighting petty issues within the church, they were storming the gates of hell against New Evangelical compromise, Bible Inspiration, Liquor, Communism, the Hippie movement, free sex, etc. "Where is our Battle? Are there no foes to me to face... increase my courage Lord, I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, supported by Thy Word!"

Do we have our head so far in the sand that we are afraid to publicly take on the Homosexual Movement, the Evolutionists, the Atheists, the Abortionists, and others that scoff at God's Word? Have we become so loving that we forget that God hates sin and will destroy men and nations over it? Have we become so politically correct that we will not stand openly and loudly for our Christian Convictions? If you want to know our battle and you are not afraid to engage, I am giving you a web address to the recently formed National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. There is a boycott presently against McDonalds by many Believers (myself included). It is sad to think that many believers see no reason to give up a Big Mac that funds Sodomite activity. Please go to the website to see other companies that have purposefully committed money and support of the Gay Agenda. It is an abomination against the Almighty God, and we must remain silent as His children no longer. May the Lord give us the courage to stand in the gap in our generation and bring back the glory to Christianity.

Pastor Witmer

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