Friday, July 11, 2008

We are Division Champions

There are no words to express the amazing season of growing from barely a team to becoming the Champions of our softball division. We swept Cornerstone 10-0 and won the second game by one point. That made Lighthouse officially the Champions of Division C in the Fundamental Softball League...Amazing.

Tonight's game was a buffet of entertainment. The highlight was the solid defense by LBC with some absolutely amazing catches. I will repeat what I can remember. Taylor had one of the first amazing snags in Left field with a long stretch. Eric Jones had an ESPN dive, catch, and roll in center field. Mark Baranowski pulled down a screaming line drive from third base...but far greater than all was Brian Mensch's catch that we will coin from now on as "the claw". The pressure was on Brian as he had been punished with a 2 out obstruction play for "waking up" the 3rd baseman. The next inning (I believe) a long fly was hit foul to his position in right field. Brian overran the ball and it actually dropped behind him. When he realized he could not catch it with his glove, Brian sacrificed himself and caught it barehanded with his right hand. It was a most spectacular play and the fans went wild (including, I assume, Mr. Green who came to the game dressed as a cow.)

The offense played a solid game with consistent singles mixed with doubles. The consistent hacking paid off with run after run.

When the final out was made, LBC went wild as the Division Champions. Unbelievable.

Many thanks to the multitudes of fans that came to watch us play. The clappers, cheers, cow, wave, etc. were wonderful. You didn't think we could do it, did you Butchy? What a great time of fellowship that certainly glorified the Lord. "How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity."

We will have a grand presentation of the Trophy either this Sunday or next.

Praise the Lord for His blessings on Lighthouse!

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