Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soulwinners Arrested

Good morning folks -

On July 4th, two brothers (the Boyds) were arrested in Hickory, North Carolina for passing out tracts at a City Event. The Christian Law Association, who we support, are representing these brothers. They are from a Full Gospel church that we certainly wouldn't fellowship with, but they were handing out simple gospel tracts. Our liberties are being stolen before our eyes in America. If they can arrest soulwinners in the Bible Belt, they can certainly charge us in Delaware with crimes of evangelism. I have written a letter to the Mayor of Hickory, and the Newspaper ( I would encourage you to do the same. The Mayor's father is a Fundamental Preacher. I have told him our church will be praying for the city to drop all charges of trespassing against these young men and to publicly apologize. Here is a link to their story and video that they took on their cell phones of being handcuffed and arrested. If Christians don't make some noise, this case will be precedent for our future.

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