Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You know not what a day will bring forth

It is shocking to realize how fragile life is.  One minute you are minding your own business doing the same things day after day after day, and the next minute you are trying to arrange details because your daughter is in A.I. Dupont Hospital with an infection entering her kidneys!

We are thankful that Emma is stabilized today and may even come home, but these occasions cause you to see things that are often taken for granted:

1.  Life can change in a moment - it is great that God is sovereign.

2.  When you are sleep deprived, swirling, whirling and can't pray clearly - the Holy Spirit can, and its OK.

3.  There is great power within us during crisis. - we can do things we never thought we could.

4.  There is power in family when crisis hits - even children become noble when there are great needs.

5.  The power of a mother's nurture, resourcefulness, and strength rises up when her child is in need.

6.  When your child is hurting, love feelings flow from you that are evidence both of being created in the image of the heavenly Father, and the redemptive love of God that has found us.  When you realize the intensity of this love you have toward your little one, you understand how the Father feels about you in a much greater way.

7.  Nothing else matters when a family member is in trouble.  Everything is expendable.

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