Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drawing a New Image of God

I am meditating on Romans 1 this morning and thinking back through the "timing" of this chapter.  It seems to be both a history of mankind's plunge into idolatry as well as the present direction of "everyman".

God has glory.  God makes every man able to see that incorruptible, holy glory.  Man (the majority) re-draw God into a image of something they can understand - something that makes them comfortable.  An idol.

These idols of course are not always physical like a statue.  They are creations of the "god" that we want.  Rather than His scriptural image, we make Him what best suites our thoughts, personalities, lifestyles.

The penalty for such counterfeiting of God is v.26:  God gives us over to uncleanness.

Knowing this danger, I would think that each one of us needs to be careful of our image of God and reexamine whether we are relating to Him as He truly is, or how we have drawn Him.


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