Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Things Your Pastor Needs You to Know But is Not at Liberty to Tell You

1.  Although he may not be always able to visit you or acknowledge you at church every service - he still loves you.

2.  When you send a card or say an encouraging word - it really lifts his spirits.

3.  Ministry is very hard emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  It is really harder than anyone that has never done it can understand.  He fights discouragement and Satan's attacks every week.

4.  He really does need family time outside of the church and church family.  A pastor ministers non-stop.  His mind is always on ministry and most of the time at home he is dealing with some aspect of ministry.  Time alone, time away, and time with his family is one of the best gifts you can give him.

5.  He needs to care for his family and future financially just like you do.  He has no desire to be greedy, but he is commanded by God to care for his family and that takes the church providing adequately and appropriately for the servant of God's needs, and taking care of the pastor before advancing missions, facilities, ministries, etc."

6.  When you make critical remarks on the fly about things the Pastor and church staff have spent hours considering and deciding - it is frustrating to him.

7.  He needs friendship.  His family is not an island.  They don't often have close friends and family in the area, so YOU are it!  Be willing to be a friend to the pastor and his wife because they need personal fellowship outside of church services.

8.  He would rather see your life change than to hear "good sermon Preacher!"....however, both are good.

9.  He needs your support and participation when some direction of vision is being promoted.  Be wholehearted in following him in the belief that God has led him.

10.  Your prayers may be one of the only things that is keeping him in the ministry.  Pray hard, he needs you.

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  1. Thank you Brother Tobe for these thoughtful words. As a brother pastor to a brother pastor, I am touched. It seems a bit self serving of me to appreciate these words, but I am glad you said them. Thank you!
    Your friend,
    Tim Sneeden