Thursday, November 18, 2010

Important Announcements

Dear Church Family,

Please consider carefully the following:

1. This Sunday 11/18/10 is our Quarterly Building Offering - "Waiting On the Lord". Right now, we are on a "holding pattern from heaven" and we are terribly dependent on the Lord for the finances of our new Building. Now is the time for us to give in faith because we know the Lord has to do something miraculous among us. We are actively pursuing banks to loan us the money for our project, but the economy is causing them to be very stingy. We trust the Lord perfectly that He will make very clear to us what we must do. Right now, it is clear that we are to joyfully WAIT ON HIM. While we wait, we must make our own finances as attractive as possible to secure the loan. So, I ask you to give from the heart.

2. On Sunday Night, Brian Geeseman from Eagle Ranch will be with us to publicly give Joey Masarik his Diploma and to present the ministry to our church. This is the Ranch where Joey spent six months getting his mind straightened out before the Lord. I would like us to give a respectable offering to the Ranch, but I realize that "you can't squeeze blood from a turnip." I have already asked you to give to the Revival, give to the Building offering, give your tithes -- and that's a lot of giving-------SOOOOOO.........

Let's be creative..... On Sunday evening you will find an addressed envelope on your seat to EAGLE RANCH. Please take the envelope home and send the Ranch Money as soon as you can. We have JOEY to prove the value of this great work for the Lord. If you are prepared to give on Sunday Night - then, please put the money in the envelope (checks to Eagle Ranch) and place in the normal offering.

Thank you for considering these two items ----- Don't forget the Men's Prayer breakfast on Saturday at 8am) - -- forgive any Typos in this time to edit :)

Much Love to all,


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