Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen Indeed

I praise the Lord for the opportunity to make much of Jesus Christ yesterday at "Bread of Life" (the Resurrection Cantata)

It was a great blessing to think of the music, drama, and then see those things in John 6 from our Bibles.

I praise the Lord for those that called upon the Lord to save them. The increase is God's business and we praise Him for working.

I was also so very excited about the response of our people by involvement, attendance, interest, etc. The 2 Cantata's back to back was a bit of an experiment I should think. We did not know who would come to what, but it was important to Pastor Pritt that everyone be there "in person" and not in the video overflow. I was amazed in the 9am service as the auditorium filled to capacity. Then, we prepared the choir and all for the shock of emptiness in the second service....but.....low and behold, there we where at about 70% I guess in the second service. I am told that there were a lot of visitors. I did meet some of them, but with the rush, could not make my normal "rounds".

I did miss the evening service I must confess, and though there were many very good reasons that we did not have it, we will revisit it in our thinking next year. I just know that no matter the fact that I am preaching, the evening service lends to a very good and wonderful Lord's Day of Worship each Sunday.

Well, much love to all and grace and peace from our Lord Jesus and His Father: Jehovah. (Read I Peter 1) :)

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