Monday, June 23, 2008

"You ask my why I'm Angry"

(sing to the tune of the children's song "You ask my why I'm Happy" - dedicated to our committed and sincere Coach "Butchy" Singleton who taught me the joys and agonies of Church softball)

You ask my why I'm Angry, and I'll just tell you why,

Because my swing is gone.

And when I meet the scoffers who ask me where its gone,

I say, My swing is gone.

It's underneath the ball, and its not a swing at all,

It looks much more like something that's gone wrong.

And if I had no pitching, I'd have no game at all,

Because my swing is G-O-N-E........gone.

Well, its 6:49 am and the Witmer family is leaving for vacation. I woke up early when Amy wacked me with her arm and haven't been able to sleep since. I have had my shower, read my Bible and spent time with my Lord, drank my coffee, read a magazine, did other things and here I sit with most of my family still sleeping. I thought I would spend some time with you.

A Pastor worries about his vacation. You see, there are always problems in people's lives and tragedies that occur almost weekly. A Pastor doesn't want to be away when something is going wrong in people's lives. That is not really a huge trait to admire, its really a guilt thing at times. See, if a pastor doesn't respond to someone's problem, he feels he has let the person down, and often struggles with the question of whether that person will be upset at him not being able to minister at that time. But many people fail to realize (including the pastor) that problems never cease and the Pastor must sometimes delegate the ministering to others including deacons and Assistant Pastors. I am really preaching to myself here and teaching you a bit too.

Anyhow, we are heading out of town by 9:30am and arriving in Williamsburg to meet Amy's sister and brother-in-law for the week. The following week we will be at Amy's Parent's cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I'm looking forward to clearing my mind, being with my family, reading some, writing some, and just generally changing the view for a while.

I hope you will take care and enjoy thoughts of the Superiority of Jesus like we've been preaching on Sundays from Hebrews.

May the Lord bless you dear folks. What a privilege I feel of loving you and having you love me as well. May God richly work at Lighthouse for His glory!


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