Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free CD's

We have been recently preaching through a passage of Scripture on Wednesday nights that I believe deserves the attention of our entire congregation. The passage is Proverbs 7 and the subject is "How impurity Kills a Person".

The last three messages from Proverbs have been on this passage, and I believe it is so crucial that every man especially hear these that I want to "make you a deal". I have instructed the sound team to freely give these sermons away on CD to anyone who requests them (normally $2). Last Wednesday's message was primarily for women, the rest primarily for men; however, I would recommend you getting all 3 so far, and the final one coming. Simply fill out a request at the desk in the auditorium under the stairs and you will receive the CD's.

May the Lord bless as we obey Him,


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