Thursday, April 24, 2008

Theological Dilemma

Greetings Lighthousers on a beautiful spring day!

Last night at Prayer Meeting, after singing a song about being Redeemed - I posed the question to the congregation: "Who/What were you bought back from (redeemed)?"

Some responded "sin, bondage, smoking (true), Satan, etc." -- but that is really not the right answer. Jesus did not pay any of those things His blood to rescue us.

The correct Theological Answer (in my view) is: Who were you bought back from? - God's Justice.

It is God's Justice that held you separated from Him and under His wrath --- He paid Himself in essence.

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If you are an out-of-towner in one of the many states that visit this site, feel free to comment. I will answer your views in a future "Pastor's heart blog".

The Lord bless and keep you --- Praise His holy name for REDEEMING US !


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